1. The attorneys at Acevedo & Edwards are ready to assist you in protecting your license to provide healthcare services. We are prepared to examine and discuss with you, findings of state surveys and inspections, dispute unfounded findings through the Informal Review of Deficiencies process and defend your interest against adverse action through the formal appeals process. You can also benefit from our attorneys’ experience in drafting and submitting self-reports to the Texas Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General, and in defending providers against recoupment related to the provision of Medicaid services. Our attorneys are ready to counsel you through your license application and renewal processes, as well as keeping state agencies updated on your corporate and management changes. Download our latest article on Emergency Preparedness and HIPAA Compliance.
    State Licensing, Litigation & Compliance
  1. Acevedo & Edwards is a healthcare practice well versed in advising our clients on a broad range of issues associated with their merger and acquisition (M&A) strategic and transactional needs. Our attorneys have extensive regulatory and transactional backgrounds and experience which uniquely positions us to provide comprehensive representation to both individuals and businesses across the health care industry. Whether clients are looking to expand their business through the purchase of a new or related venture, sell all or part of their business, or make structural changes within their organization, the lawyers of Acevedo & Edwards are focused on delivering superior results across all strategic and operational levels. We build value for our clients across the US, including Puerto Rico, by designing innovative, successful, and cost-effective solutions while ensuring their businesses remain competitive and in full compliance with their market’s regulatory obligations.
    Mergers & Acquisitions
  1. Acevedo & Edwards can help you protect your Medicare provider number from suspension or termination at all levels of appeals. Our attorneys work closely and diligently with our clients to defend against unwarranted enforcement actions that could lead to the interruption of their Medicare services and the potential recoupment of Medicare payments. If your agency needs to show compliance with Medicare’s conditions of participation, dispute finding of deficiencies, develop plans of corrections, establish company policies or design and maintain an effective compliance program for your documentation and billing needs, our attorneys and consultants can help.
    Medicare Certification
  1. Allegations of Fraud and Abuse & Your Options Health care fraud and abuse allegations are extremely serious. Every provider must ensure that its policies and procedures, contracts and compliance programs shield its operations from allegations of violations to the Anti-kickback Statute, Stark Law and the False Claims Act. In certain circumstances, what used to be considered a billing error, may now be interpreted as an intentional or negligent act that could expose an agency to civil and criminal penalties. The seasoned law firm of Acevedo & Edwards, PLLC can help health care facilities and medical professionals defend themselves against these allegations, the right way. The attorneys at our firm have successfully counseled facilities and professionals on how to anticipate potential areas of non-compliance, develop effective internal controls and strategies to mitigate risks and to defend against allegations of violations of the fraud and abuse laws and regulations. An agency cannot afford to rely on positive regulatory surveys as a good indication of full compliance. Constant monitoring of the agency’s operations, through the implementation of the agency’s policies, is key. Our firm offers comprehensive services to assist providers in preventing fraud and abuse. If your agency or professional practice is in jeopardy due to problems related to these types of allegations, you should contact Acevedo and Edwards, PLLC for a free consultation at 713-227-1117.
    Fraud & Abuse
  1. The law firm of Acevedo & Edwards can help you with all your corporate needs. If you need assistance forming a new legal entity, amending or converting your charter, defining the scope of your services and your regulatory obligations, our attorneys are here for you. Our services include drafting and negotiating a vast array of contracts, including management agreements, medical director agreements, business associate agreements, employment agreements, non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements and real estate contracts, with an emphasis in compliance with healthcare laws.
    Corporate Matters
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